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ride2go GmbH operates the ridesharing portals in cooperation with ADAC e.V.:

In France, Luxembourg and Switzerland, ride2go is operated in cooperation with the local automobile clubs (TCS, ACL, ACA).
With around 1.5 million users and 3 million advertisements per year, the ride2go network is the leader in Germany in the segment of daily commuter car pools (largest offer for daily distances of up to around 100 km). The offer can also be used for occasional long-distance carpooling opportunities (usually distances >100km, e.g. going to the weekend). The segment of daily commuters is of particular interest to companies and municipalities in terms of relieving traffic.
The ride2go network's ridesharing portals are freely accessible to all users, completely free of charge and work like a bulletin board or bulletin board. Users can independently offer and search for travel offers and requests. If you are interested in an advertisement, users can contact each other directly (usually by phone or email). The users themselves exchange any required information with one another. ride2go only provides the platform, but otherwise does not enter into the mediation and payment process. Access to the ridesharing advertisements is also possible without registering on the system. Each user can use "privacy settings" to individually determine how their personal data (e.g. contact details) are visible within the pinboard (visible to everyone; only visible to registered users; not visible at all). A possible registration of the user takes place using the least possible data (data-saving registration). At no time will personal data be passed on to third parties.
Solution for municipalities and non-profit organizations:
In cooperation with the ADAC e.V., municipalities, authorities and non-profit organizations are permanently provided with a ride-sharing portal free of charge. For more information, visit For Communes Page.
Solution for companies and large events:
ride2go provides companies and major events with an individualized version of the ridesharing portal at low-cost flat-rate prices.
Further information on this can be found at For Companies Page or For Events Page.
ride2go integrates the advertisements of other ridesharing portals (= display of external advertisements). This offers the user the best possible and largely provider-neutral overview of ride-sharing advertisements in their region. If you are interested in an external advertisement, the user is immediately forwarded to the corresponding external ridesharing portal in which the advertisement was originally advertised. So far, the ridesharing portals and have been integrated. If desired, others can be integrated (e.g. regional projects/offers).
Link to public transport:
The ride2go network’s ridesharing offers can also be linked to other means of transport via a data interface, e.g. in third-party mobility portals as a feeder to public transport. See also and
The ride2go network's ridesharing offers are already being issued to third parties in several projects and combined there with public transport (intermodal) or at least displayed in addition to public transport (multimodal).
Exemplary projects/project partners:

The ride2go system is available in multiple languages as a website and apps for Android and iOS.